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Broken Promises, Broken Dreams - a start

I’m exploring the blog-to-book concept here. As a member of a local writing group, I share sections of my manuscript with other authors, and they do the same with their works in progress. We hold weekly critique sessions.

And I’m inviting input from a wider audience. I’ll periodically post chapters from my upcoming book. I’m not sure of the most efficient way of doing this so, for now, I’m attaching Word documents that are rough drafts of the introduction and a start to Chapter 2.

Chapter 1 presents a challenge. I’m not sure of how immigrants, such as my grandparents, my great-grandmother and other members of that family, got from the port of Odessa, on the Black Sea, to Liverpool. Once there, I’m certain they boarded the SS Teutonic for the trans-Atlantic crossing to the Port of Quebec.

Does anyone know what the typical transmigration route – land, sea or combination – was for Russians, not only ethnic Germans but likely Jews as well, traveling from Odessa to ports in the United Kingdom?

Broken Promises_introduction

Broken Promises_Chapter 1

Broken Promises_Chapter 2



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Jamie Larson