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Laurel Big 32 championship-45th anniversary ink

Got some great ink in the Billings Gazette last Saturday. Stories by Ed West (the human encyclopedia of Montana prep sports) and myself. They’ve prompted a lot of wonderful feedback.

I grabbed the only 10 or so print copies of the Gazette to be found in Belgrade Saturday morning and will be sending most of them to members of Don Peterson’s family. Jerry Bygren was kind enough to take one copy from me when we sat together at the State Class B tournament Saturday night, with plans to deliver it to fellow Bigfork resident, Dorothy Peterson (Don’s widow). Thanks again, Jerry!

Here’s a scan of the Gazette’s coverage (including a front-page promotion).

Laurel package_Billings Gazette_031514

Here are links to the online versions, which are probably more readable:

 45 years ago, Laurel captured a state title for the ages

Locomotives put memorable end to Big 32 era






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Jamie Larson