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“Midway Bravery” and the movie

“Midway Bravery” and the movie

As you may know, the new Midway movie, starring Woody Harrelson as Admiral Chester Nimitz, opens today at theaters nationwide.

I plan to see the film this afternoon, appropriately in Billings, Montana. I say that because Billings was the final hometown of Army Air Force Lt. Col. James P. Muri, whose life and heroism in the epic battle I chronicled in “Midway Bravery.”

In the spirit of the occasion, I’ll be offering a discount on the price of signed copies of the book. I still have to decide the amount of the discount and how to process those orders.  (Note: This was written a few months after the book was released in June 2019; the discount is no longer in effect.)

This will apply only to books purchased on the book web site. For I think obvious reasons, I can’t travel all over the country to honor the discount in person.

So here are my planned mechanics. Save your movie ticket, scan it or photograph it and email that to me ( At about the same, place your order. I’ll have limit the offer to one book per customer; my margins are too slim to go beyond that.

I’ll check with my e-commerce expert soon on how we can tweak the plugin to allow discounts.

This is your chance. The holidays are fast approaching. This book may the perfect gift for someone who loves World War II/military aviation history.


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Jamie Larson