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My book’s guiding light is gone

My book’s guiding light is gone

My book’s guiding light is gone

My guiding light for “Midway Bravery” flickered out last night.

Carolyn Youngberg Gaub, as supportive a life and writing partner as one could ask for, died late Wednesday (September 4). She was 62.

Glioblastoma, an incurable brain cancer, took her from me. And from hundreds, if not thousands, of youngsters, whose life she influenced as an elementary school librarian. Eighteen years ago, two story-tellers, my wife and I, sealed the knot on a lifetime deal. In her final month of life, Carolyn received end-of-life hospice care at an assisted living home in our town, Belgrade, Montana. Compassus, a statewide hospice agency, provided wonderful care during Carolyn's final days as did the staff of Beehive Homes.

My arrangements for Carolyn after her passing, at her direction, include cremation followed by a memorial service at our church in Bozeman. I'll share details on social media when they are finalized.

In parting, I've included a photo of Carolyn from June. She was receiving skilled rehabilitation care in Bozeman then. We drove to Billings one day to check on the West End cottage being built for us as part of our downsizing plan. Here, Carolyn is “checking out” her kitchen.

Sadly, she won't be able to physically join me in her our new home. But her spirit will always be present. And, as a Christian, I believe we'll be reunited later.

I want to publicly thank all the medical providers and other professionals we've worked with since Carolyn's GBM diagnosis in late March.

In no particular order, that outstanding team includes people from Bozeman Deaconess Hospital, the University of Utah Hospital in Salt Lake City, the Bozeman Cancer Center, Frontier Home Health, Mountain View Care Center, the Bozeman Cancer Center and the aforementioned Compassus and Beehive Home.

We were truly blessed during this trying time and appreciate support from so many people, including members of Christ the King Lutheran Church and its ministers.


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Jamie Larson