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Newsletter issue 1

This is NOT a shameless pitch for work, but just a quick update.

I’m pleased to say that I’ve embarked on a new journey, that of becoming a certified book coach. As such, perhaps I can help you or someone you know.
So many people have thought: I’ve got a book to write. Whether that’s a life experience that could turn into a memoir. Or practical experiences from their career that could help others succeed professionally. Or the inspiration for a potentially great story that just might be a breakout novel.

And some of these people, knowing that I’m a published author, ask me how to crack the code, so to speak. Well, I’ve learned a few things about the business during the past decade, both by reading books, tapping online resources, etc., and by plain old trial-and-error. I’ve made my share of mistakes and have spent money, some wisely and some not so.

I can offer some of that earned wisdom, but I’m also tapping the expertise of one of the premiere organizations in the book coaching business: Jennie Nash’s Author Accelerator program. It will take some number of months—I’m unsure how many—to work through the material and gain certification. But I’ll get there, and you can help me by being part of my accountability circle.

Meanwhile, my time management skills will be put to the test. I need to continue working on my book about Dave McNally (which has been a sheer delight so far), and marketing my four previous books. All the while, I need to maintain a life-work balance.

Hey, I thought I gave up all juggling when I “retired” six and a half years ago. No, I just retired from corporate life to pursue the lasting and true passion of my life: cultivating and increasing my creativity while helping others to do the same. Thanks in advance for your support!

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Jamie Larson