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Good afternoon from rainy Billings, Montana.

As a professional writer who earned a paycheck for what he put down on paper (or on a computer screen) for 25 years, I’ve decided that some of my writing here is worth at least a modest payment.

I’ll still have free content available, and it will be quality writing, but the best will carry a price tag: $5/month for two issues of the newsletter per month, each containing at least one article in the range of 1,000-2,000 words.

I could give you the usual marketing blabber of how that price is the equivalent of maybe one fancy coffee from your favorite local java joint. Or, how it probably wouldn’t pay for a craft beer. I empathize with both types of establishments, run by people with the same entrepreneurial urge that I have.

However, my writing stands on its own. I think it’s worth it for the stories you’ll get and the enjoyment they’ll bring. And to, I hope, entice you, I’m offering the paid newsletter at a 100 percent discount, that is free, for the next days. Click on the link below to take advantage. Thanks.

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Jamie Larson