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“Lindbergh in Montana” now in print

Exciting news! My new book, Lindbergh in Montana: An Air Adventurer Leaves a Legacy in the Treasure State, is now in print and available for purchase. You can order a print (paperback) copy at your favorite local independent book store through Ingram. Or, you can get a Kindle copy on Amazon.

The official book launch is scheduled for Saturday, January 21, 6 p.m., at This House of Books, 116 North 29th Street in downtown Billings. As usual for me after having three books published, I’ll provide a brief background on the topic, then read perhaps a chapter or two, take questions and be available to sign your copy.

I plan to arrange my next event at the Montana Historical Society in Helena. My wife, Cathie, and I had a delightful time there in late August when I gave a pandemic-delayed 2019 book, Midway Bravery. We were guests at one of the last events in the museum’s auditorium before construction began in earnest on a massive renovation of the buildings there that will make this a crown jewel of the Northwest.

Some technical issues delayed getting Lindbergh in Montana on the shelves. Those are resolved, and essentially the same offer I extended back in November (I think) still stands. The first 50 new subscribers to my newsletter, on or before February 28, 2023, will get a signed copy of the book at 20 percent off the list price of $17.95. The discounted price is $14,36. Also, I’m waiving the normal $5 shipping and handling fee (no, I’m not Amazon so I normally add that charge).

You only get the book at this price if you order directly from me, on the Treasure State Press website. Here’s the link:

Buy “Lindbergh in Montana”
If you’re one of the first 50 people to subscribe to this newsletter before February 28, 2023, or if you’re an existing subscriber, I’m offering the book at a discount price of $14.36. That’s 20 percent off the $17.95 list price. The discount will be applied at the

If you take advantage of this offer, I’ll also email you a copy of my free e-book, Before Lindbergh, which briefly describes some of the aviators who took to Montana’s skies from about 1900-1920. It’s available in the format of your choice: Kindle; e-pub, which is used for Apple Books, Barnes & Nobles Nook reader, Kobo, etc.; and PDF, which can be read on virtually any computer, smartphone or tablet.

I anticipate other author events late this winter or in early spring in Butte (the other Montana city where Lindbergh landed during his nationwide tour after his 1927 transatlantic flight), plus Great Falls and Missoula. Lindbergh flew over those cities, and Billings, in The Spirit of St. Louis in September 1927.

For my friends in Bozeman, I also hope to arrange an event with the wonderful people at Country Bookshelf.

It’s on to the next project, and you can stay in the loop as a newsletter subscriber. Getting back to my roots as a sportswriter in Billings, Grand Junction, Colorado, and Gillette, Wyoming, Book Number 5 will cover the life story of a Billings man who was Montana’s greatest athlete of the 20th Century. That’s probably enough of a clue for some, perhaps most, of you.

Have an outstanding year! And thanks for your interest and support.

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Jamie Larson