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Hello-glad you stopped by!

Hello-glad you stopped by!
Relaxing on the porch of my cottage in Billings.


I’m Dennis Gaub, the “proprietor” of this place. I’m based in Billings, Montana, my home for most of the past 55 years, excluding time spent going to college and pursuing my career, first as a newspaper reporter and editor and then in the tech (software) industry.

Nowadays, I pursue the passion I’ve had since about the seventh grade: creative writing. I’m the author of four published books and am working on No. 5. By subscribing to my no-spam email newsletter, you’ll stay abreast of my work. You’ll also gain access to interesting tidbits I’ve uncovered in my research that won’t get in my books.

It’s possible, too, that you’ll read some odds ‘n ends about my life.

Thanks for stopping by!

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