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About the Author | Midway Bravery

About the Author | Midway Bravery
Dennis Gaub

About the Author

Author Dennis Gaub was born in and grew up in in Montana. He left to receive a bachelor's degree in journalism from Northwestern University and began a newspaper reporting career that took him to Colorado, Wyoming and Michigan. He returned home and worked 20 years as a sportswriter and City Hall reporter for the Treasure State's largest newspaper, the Billings Gazette. Altogether, he spent 25 years in the newspaper industry as a reporter and editor. He changed careers and worked in the software industry more than a decade before retiring from the corporate world in 2017. As a high school senior, working part-time for the Gazette, he helped cover the dramatic climax of "Win 'Em All." After publishing that book in 2016, he resumed work on his second book, "Midway Bravery," which was published in June 2019. He became a widower in September 2019 when his wife of 18 years, Carolyn, died of brain cancer. Dennis then relocated to Billings, Montana. His younger son, Julian, lives in Billings and is employed in health care. His older son, Brian, is a graduate student in San Francisco.

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