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Buy the Book | Midway Bravery

Buy the Book | Midway Bravery
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Buy the Book

Order your copy of Midway Bravery directly from the author using the form below. Get your copy signed at no additional cost. (Are you interested in purchasing the book from your local bookstore? Learn more about that option ❯)

Get a Copy from your Local bookstore

If you prefer to purchase “Midway Bravery” from a bookstore, that’s fine. Please consider patronizing your local independent bookstore. Proprietors of most indy bookstores are entrepreneurs like me, trying to make a living in a world dominated by big corporations.

And if you buy locally and are concerned about not having a signed copy of the book, here’s a solution. It’s called author bookplates, a small piece of paper with adhesive on back, which are signed by an author. They can be attached, if desired, to your book. If you decide to buy from a bookstore, ask the people there to request a supply of bookplates from me.

Failing that, please contact me, and we’ll work out an arrangement to get you a bookplate by postal mail.

Dennis Gaub

About the Author

Author Dennis Gaub was born in and grew up in in Montana. He left to receive a bachelor's degree in journalism from Northwestern University and began a newspaper reporting career that took him to Colorado, Wyoming and Michigan...


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