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Free e-book now available

Lindbergh in Montana - An Air Adventurer Leaves a Legacy in the Treasure State, my fourth book, is nearing publication. I expect it to be in print later this month (October 2022).

Meanwhile, I’m offering some free reading to hopefully whet your appetite for the story of Charles Lindbergh’s multiple visits to Montana, starting a century ago.

Click below to subscribe to my no-spam mailing list, and you’ll get a free e-book. Before Lindbergh contains short accounts of about a dozen or so pilots and balloonists (including one woman, Katherine Stinson) who soared in the big sky in the decade before “Slim” Lindbergh arrived.

The book is available in three formats: Kindle, for Kindle readers and Kindle apps on your phone, tablet, or computer; epub, which works on Apple Books, the Barnes & Noble Nook reader, the Kobo reader, etc.; and PDF.

When you respond, please specify which version of the book you’d like.

Many thanks, and happy reading!

Dennis Gaub

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