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Freelance articles

Article about Bannack Days, annual celebration of the heritage of Montana's first territorial capital. This article appeared in the June 2016 issue of Trailer Life magazine.

Article from the October 18, 2011, issue of the Billings Gazette about sites competing to host Montana's Cowboy Hall of Fame


Note: as a proposal writer and proposal manager for two software companies (RightNow Technologies and Oracle) from 2005-2016, I wrote and collaborated with others on several hundred proposals. Due to confidential restrictions, however, I am not permitted to share those documents publicly. Two of my colleagues during those years can, however, discuss the high quality of the documents I was responsible for. They are Chris Fellows, who was my manager from 2011-2016, and Patty Guerrero, who was my manager at various times from 2005-2011 and who managed several teams that had individuals that used my skills in writing and delivering proposals. Contact information for Chris and Patty is available upon request.

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Jamie Larson